Golf & Glam School

Seema_Style_Golf_And_GlamOur first Golf & Glam School was so much fun and a success in getting young girls acquainted with the game!

We had a great time, all the girls enjoyed learning about golf, style, etiquette and having fun on the course.  That is what it is all about!:)

Here are a few images of the day.  We had different learning stations for each shot, and the girls enjoyed trying new shots at every station.  We definitely enjoyed the popsicles in between the learning stations the best!

Have a great Monday and look for more Golf & Glam School Events soon!

Pretty Birdies, XO Seema


  1. What a wonderful idea, golf can be a daunting game for some women as it is still seen as a male dominated sport. However, there are so many women now playing and it is great that you are helping lots of women to get into it. There is plenty of women’s golf equipment available these days so hopefully the female game will grow.

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