Pivot in Purple with Shasta! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Shasta_AveryhardtHi Purple Princesses!

Today we have Shasta Averyhardt one of the sweetest and cutest golf girlies as a #guestie on Seema Style!  Shasta is going to share an important golf tip with us!  Let’s go!~

SEEMA STYLE:  Shasta, thank you so much for being a guestie.  Your golf swing is amazing, and you hit it so far!  What is your secret?

SHASTA AVERYHARDT:  Thank you Seema!  I want to share with you what a “pivot” is.  The notion of pivoting behind the golf ball is confusing, but I am here to clear it all up!

Here are 3 steps to clarify how to pivot, and keep it simple:)

1. From your strong athletic address to the ball, engage your core as you turn your shoulders and upper body 90 degrees away from the address.

2.  Make sure your lower body is stable with the feeling of your weight on the inside of your right leg.

CORE:  This is where you should feel your core strength working as an advantage when you pivot.  Engaging your core will help you feel stronger in the pivot position.

3.  As you are turning slightly behind the ball, make sure that your lower body is rotating but you are staying center, and not swaying away from the ball.

Seema_Style_Shasta_Pivot_DrillDRILL:  Grab a club.  Set-up as if you were going to swing.  Place to club parallel to the ground on top of your thighs.  Rotate your lower body focusing on staying center and strong.  You should feel tension on the inside of right leg, that is a good thing and that feeling will help you get into the proper pivot position!

SEEMA STYLE:  Why do you feel pivoting is important in the golf swing?

SHASTA AVERYHARDT:  Pivoting correctly can help a player make a solid transition from the takeaway and through to impact.  Understanding the importance of the pivot will help develop more power by using more body and less arms.

SEEMA STYLE:  That is such great advice for those of you who feel like you maybe swinging with all arms and need to get more body into the swing!  What is in your golf bag right now?

SHASTA AVERYHARDT:  I’m currently using the TaylorMade R1 Driver, RBZ Stage 2 3-Wood, RBZ Hybrid and the Titleist AP2 irons.  My wedges are Vokey, they are my favorite!  I just received my new Rife two-bar blade putter that has a pink club head, it is really fun!  I really love adding feminine touches to my golf apparel and accessories!

SEEMA STYLE:  That is so cute!  Dressing up your golf equipment is so much fun!  Thank you for sharing your tip with us:)

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#ShastaStyle!  Xo, Seema

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