Get The Solid Impact

Seema_Style_The_Impact_BagHi Everyone!

We all know the most important part of the golf swing is your “impact” position. For most golfers, the tendency is to flip or scoop at impact, which causes the ball to go either right or left depending on your club face angle.

I want to introduce you to the Impact Bag, an easy and fun drill that me and my coach, Vic Wilk work on, to get a solid impact position and stay consistent through the golf ball.

1. Place the back of the Impact Bag just in front of your left foot which is forward in your ball position.

2. Make a good and solid turn back.

3. When coming down, feel the grip handle outward and forward from where the club head is. It’s important to understand that the handle should lead your hands into your impact position. You’ll be able to notice, see and feel the club face nice and square through the impact bag and position, leaving you with more consistent shots!

You can practice The Impact Bag at home, in your room, garage or anywhere you have enough room to swing.

Happy Impact:) Xo, Seema

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