Sheer Sunscreen for a #clean #fresh #morning face!

Seema_Style_SunscreenHi Sunny Bunnies!

There are days when I go to the golf course and simply can’t even dream of wearing make-up.  Here is a #selfie pic of me without any make-up, but you’ll notice that I still have a healthy glow?

Protecting your skin from the sun in addition to exercise, nightly care and drinking lots of water on and off the course helps maintain a fresh face!  If you are in the sun as much as I am, finding the right sunscreen can be a nightmare!

Sunscreen is tough to find because most brands don’t blend into your skin.  Most brands leave a residue or a thick film, super unattractive:(  Women who are a darker skin tone may find this to even more of a frustration?!

For me one of the toughest areas is the back of my neck, it gets a lot of sun!  I want to protect it!  After years of sifting and trying, here are 2 “sheer” sunscreens that will blend into your skin leaving a sweet shine over a white chalky residue! #YAY #FoundIt 🙂

1.  Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50Click Here

2.  DCL Super Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50Click Here

Both products work really well for me, and I am so glad to share them with you!

Please take care of your skin, get in cardio and sweat, drink water and keep your face (and lips) hydrated during the day and at nightime before bedtime:)

LUV YOU~ Xo, Seema

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