10 Minute-Quick-Fix & Go Golf!

Seema_Style_10_Minute_Quick_FixWe all go through it!  We have to get to the range or the course and we can’t figure out how to get glam in less than 15 minutes?!

Here is my secret to a fresh face in less than 10 minutes.  Stay natural, stay simple… Let’s go:

1. Use basic sunscreen as a base:  1 MINUTE

Apply sunscreen as a lotion/moisturizer on your face.  Protect your skin before heading out to the course, it is an absolute must.

2.  With concealer, highlight your cheeks, nose and chin:  2 MINUTES

With my concealer stick (or brush) I swipe down the center of my nose, along the line of my cheekbones, and from the center of my mouth down to the center of my chin.  3 swipes and blend with your finger tips.  it is okay to see concealer lines, (see my before #selfie) because Step #3 will even it out.

3.  Apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer over top:  3 – 4 MINUTES

A thin foundation/tinted moisturizer coat will be just fine.  Make sure you are blended and there are no mistakes, get your 10X mirror and look into it closely.  When you are outdoors, bad make-up is multiplied 10X, so all the more reason to check for perfection!

4.  BATH & BODY WORKS Tinted Lipgloss –  Click Here1 MINUTE

My fave tinted lip glosses are Bath & Body Works, they are 7$ and FAB.  They have a mint flavor too, so in the AM, coffee breath disappears:)  Pick a color that suits you, give your face a glistening-pop!

5.  Mascara and light beige eye-shadow:  1-2 MINUTES

With your index finger, swipe a line of light beige eye-shadow above your eyelids, you don’t even need a brush, your finger tip will be just fine!  It gives you a rested look in seconds!  Be concerned with is even-ness on both sides!  Waterproof thickening Mascara is best.  I suggested Chanel yesterday, it is hard to top for all day wear! – Click Here

VOILAGet ready and GO!  10 MINUTES or LESS~ 🙂

Xo, Seema

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