From the Court to the Course: JR “Swish” Smith! #Guestie

Hello NBA & Seema Style Lovers:)Seema_Style_Jr_Smith_Seema_Cover

It’s Friday!  It’s time for a #FF Flashback Fun with my #Guestie JR Smith!  The Flashback Pic is from last year during NBA Summer League in Las Vegas!  Such a great time of year!  JR loves to golf at some of the best courses in Vegas, we are chatting about his game on the court AND on the course 🙂

SEEMA STYLE:  What inspired you to start playing golf?

JR SMITH:  Moses Malone inspired me to start playing.  He is a 3-Time NBA MVP, and one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players.  I started golf when I was playing for Denver and I’ve been playing for the last 5 years.  It is such a great game, it’s definitely become a passion of mine.

SEEMA STYLE:  What are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

JR SMITH:  NIKE Everything!  I like wearing the Tiger Woods Nike Line.  I really like the comfort and the look.  NIKE has been supporting me and I take pride in representing the brand.

SEEMA STYLE:  What clubs are you playing with?

JR SMITH:  I am playing all the new NIKE equipment, VR_S Covert Technology.  I was playing with the Scotty Cameron, but now I am playing with a new NIKE putter.


SEEMA STYLE:  What’s the coolest golf accessory you own?

JR SMITH:  My Bushnell distance finder.  I like using it, it helps me get exact distance to the pin and it helps me figure out how far I hit the ball when I practice on the range.  I use my Seema Sparkle Ice Cream Cone ball marker you gave me last summer too! LOL!

SEEMA STYLE:  So cute!  I’m glad you are still wearing it! 🙂 Who is in your dream foursome?

Seema_Style_JR_Smith_Dream_FoursomeJR SMITH:   I would pick you, but you’re my golf coach? LOL 🙂  I’m gonna go with:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Rory McIllroy
  • Bubba Watson

SEEMA STYLE:  Did you do anything fun for winning 6th man of the year?

JR SMITH:  Yes, I celebrated in NYC by having a big dinner with family and friends, it felt so good!  I am looking forward to a good next few weeks…

SEEMA STYLE:  What songs pump you up before a big game or before heading to the first tee?

JR SMITH:  I love the question!  My go to song is “Best Thing Yet” by Lil’ Wayne.  Lil’ Wayne and Meek Mill are two of my favorites to get me going.  I have to say that people don’t realize another side of me, I enjoy Adele and Jessie J.  My music selection varies heavily, I think a lot, and music plays a big role as to what I’m thinking.

SEEMA STYLE:  You have such a sweet soft side!:)  If you put in the same work into your golf as you do in basketball, do you think you have what it takes to play on the PGA TOUR?

JR SMITH:  Absolutely YES!!!  I understand the dedication.  I have a lot of respect for the game and the work it takes to play on the PGA TOUR.  I’ve put in a lot of hard work into my basketball to get to where I am today, and if apply that same work in golf, I can believe I can get there.

SEEMA STYLE:  What kinds of golf events do you compete or play in? 

JR SMITH:  I play in a lot of corporate outings and events to support my team and other NBA Players Events.  The one I look forward to the most is my foundation which is the JR Smith Youth Foundation.  The Foundation provides opportunities for youth in education and sports.  I really like working with kids and my Foundation gives me time and space to do that.

SEEMA STYLE: JR!  It was so amazing for you to share your golf adventures with us!  You are so much fun to play golf with and I hope that you and the Knicks go all the way!  See you this summer:)

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Have a great Friday and a fun weekend!  Send JR and the NY Knicks an NBA Playoffs tweet @TheRealJRSmith and @NYKnicks 🙂

KniXO, Seema:)


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