Half-Time Wednesday with NBA Star, Steve Smith! #Guestie

It’s Wednesday (Half-Time) on Seema Style!  Funny right?:)

Today my #Guestie is NBA TV’s spectacular all-round great person and athlete/announcer Steve Smith!  Steve played collegiate basketball at Michigan State, and then powered though 14 solid seasons in the NBA!  Miami Heat, Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, and of-course, 5-Year with the Atlanta Hawks.  Steve won a gold medal in the 1994 FIBA World Championship AND an Olympic Gold Medal with the USA Men’s Basketball Team at the 2000 Summer Olympics!  This man can play ball!  Now, he has added golf to his list of hobbies, passions and dedications.  Question time!!!

SEEMA STYLE:  Being a former NBA All-Star Athlete & Olympic Gold Medalist, What was it like competing?Seema_Style_Steve_Smith_CoverB
STEVE SMITH: Competing and playing on the biggest stages of sports is something I can’t explain. The rush is like no other. Reaching the highest level in any sport puts you in what I call a “Special Fraternity”.  To become part of that, you have to have the work ethic and skill level that separates you from 95%, or more, of the world.

How do you make time for golf with your busy schedule?

STEVE SMITH:  I am a very busy guy, I have a family I love, an announcing career with NBA TV that I am dedicated to.  With the game of golf, it helps me stay competitive and get outside.  I enjoy it and it is definitely a passion that I have developed over time, so that is why I make the time.seema_style_steve__smith_2
SEEMA STYLE:  Fashion Time!  You are a stylish guy, you rock the suits on TV, but what are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?
STEVE SMITH:  I usually wear something that’s tailored because my size. I love wearing my uniquely designed by me tailored golf pants. They have compartments for my tees and a ball and easy accessible. I’m into fashion so I put a lot of effort into what I’m wearing on the course. I believe if you look good you play good!  Still waiting for that to come true :-)

  OMG Steve, that is so cute!  Custom pants?!  I love it!  What is the strongest part of your golf game?
STEVE SMITH: Putting.  I will say putting is probably the strongest part of my game, its like shooting a free throw!

SEEMA STYLE:  Who would be in your dream foursome?
Seema_Style_Steve_Smith_Dream_FoursomeSTEVE SMITH:  I have to go with George Gerwin, a basketball hero of mine growing up, Dr. Martin Luther King and President Obama.  Tiger Woods would be my filler if one of the guys didn’t show 😉

  If you could give me positive advice about being an athlete and becoming the best in your field what would it be?

 My advice would be: work harder than the next and learn the history and every intricate part of your craft (sport).

Do you have a shot that you are not comfortable with and are working on?

  I will say there was a time I feared any bunker shots. I’ve probably worked on that part of my game the most.  This summer will be the true test if I am getting better out of the bunkers.

SEEMA STYLE: I am amazing out of the bunker, I will help you this summer!  What kind of golf events do you play in and which event would you say is your favorite golf event to play in?

STEVE SMITH: I need to carve out more time for Golf with my schedule. I definitely have the golf bug, so that is not the issue, I play and practice when I can. I enjoy playing in charity events and I’m most fond/bias about my own Golf events(s). Reason being the success of the Steve Smith Charity Challenges has provided, awareness, smiles, and over a million dollars in funds to better peoples lives.
Seema_Style_Steve_Smith_3SEEMA STYLE:  What you have done through your charity events has been superior to any other.  I wish you continued success and growth with your game, your events and your efforts!  You are the best Steve:)
Follow and leave Steve a twitter message @steve21smith and check out The Steve Smith Charity   So happy to have such a great friend and role model like Steve on Seema Style:)  Enjoy your Wednesday!
XO, Seema


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