Tina Cervasio is The NY Knicks’ Golf Diva! #fab #fun #fit! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Tina_CervasioNBA week is super fun on Seema Style!  Today we talk to Tina Cervasio, the fit, fabulous and gorgeous New York Knicks announcer!

SEEMA STYLE:   How do you make time for golf with your busy NBA announcing schedule?

TINA CERVASIO:  As a New York Knicks TV Broadcaster on MSG Network, my schedule is the exact same as the players. From October pre-season camp, through 82 regular season games, to wherever the post season takes us!  I’m booked solid from October through May. It’s hard to make time for golf during those months, but when we’re in Orlando, Miami, LA or Phoenix, and I’m lucky enough to have a day off in that city, I’ll play a round with my production crew and announcers. I rent clubs and it is a cool way for me to try other golf club brands. I take notes on what feels comfortable and how I play with different brands.

SEEMA STYLE:  What are your favorite brands to wear on the golf course? Do you have a specific brand of clothing you are loyal to on the course?

TINA CERVASIO:  I love the FILA golf line for women.  Being it’s an Italian sports company, it connects with my personality, nationality and style.  Chic, bold when needed, but functional. And the cuts fit me so well.  I’ve been stocking up on Smashing Golf & Tennis skorts. I’ll wear them during the summer even when I’m not playing. The compression material flatters my figure and are structured to stay crisp after a long, hot day on the course.

SEEMA STYLE: What are your favorite colors, styles and accessories to wear on the course?

TINA CERVASIO:  The TV personality in me loves to wear bold or jewel tone colors, so that’s what catches my eye when buying clothes for golf . I almost always wear a sleeveless polo and a skirt (weather permitting). My arms are muscular so I want to feel free in my swing.  Despite being a sports fanatic and jock myself, I’m still a girly girl!

My favorite accessories are:

  • My Seema Sparkle Ballmarkers, I have the purse and high heel shoe in pink:)
  • My custom FootJoy golf shoes my husband had made for me. They’re black and pink and have an American and Italian flag on each heel. It’s ridiculous how comfortable they are.

SEEMA STYLE:  The season is almost up, what are your golf goals this summer?

TINA CERVASIO:  My husband and I want to take a golf friendly vacation so I need to get better and play more. My goal this summer, once the NBA season is over, is to play 18 & 9 holes once a week and practice the shots where I need improvement.

SEEMA STYLE:  What kind of golf events do you play in? What’s your favorite golf event and what makes it so special for you?

TINA CERVASIO:  I play in a lot of charity events! It’s great to tee it up with people who watch my work on TV or with the athletes I cover, while raising money for good causes!  My fave events are:

  • The COPE Golf Outing at the Muttontown Club in East Norwich, NY
  • The Broadcasters Foundation of America Celebrity Golf Outing at Baltusrol
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Celebrity Golf Outing at a different course each year in New Jersey

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your dream golf course?

TINA CERVASIO:  I’d love to play Pebble Beach with my husband, Kevin McKearney.  Our whole relationship is connected to golf and I know it’s one of his dream courses that he has yet to play.

SEEMA STYLE:  That is so cute that you and your husband play golf together!  How dreamy…  How did you meet?

TINA CERVASIO:  I know! Our first date was a round of golf, and he even proposed to me at a driving range!!!  We met up one day during my lunch break from work, and about 8 balls into my bucket there was a black, velvet box!

SEEMA STYLE:  OMG!  That is so freaking cute!!!  I have goosebumps~

TINA CERVASIO:  I seriously never hit another ball that day!  I had to go back to work as a radio news and sports anchor for the afternoon drive and I was over the moon and could hardly concentrate!  We take our clubs with us on all our vacations.  He’ll play every day if he can, and I’ll usually go with him when I can for spa appointments in-between.  While I continue to take lessons, I play the best with him because he coaches me and encourages me.  If things aren’t going well, I usually stop keeping score and he’ll let me take a hole or two off. It really does recharge me and then from there I can just work on my form and different shots.

SEEMA STYLE:  I can’t handle how sweet you two are.  I absolutely love it!  Tell me what your strength is with your game…

TINA CERVASIO:  I’m a damn good putter!  If I really take my time and read the greens correctly I’ll bet on my two-putts! At charity scramble outings I’m almost always the designated putter;)

SEEMA STYLE:  This is a tough question for any woman… If you could pick a dream foursome who would they be?

Seema_Style_Tina_Cervasio_2TINA CERVASIO:  I totally have 2…

Dream Foursome 1: 

  1. *Michael JordanMy first instinct is Michael Jordan. But I’m still so intimidated?  My game would drive him nuts, so maybe he can join us for a few holes:)
  2. Vera Wang – is a regular on the links in the NY area, and… hello … fashion designer icon! Goes with the Seema Style #Guestie Theme!
  3. Nancy Lopez – When I’m having a good day on the course, my husband jokes and calls me “Nancy”
  4. Tim Wakefield – Former MLB Knuckleball pitcher because I covered him from 2006 – 2008 working as the Red Sox Reporter.We would always talk golf and he is really good!

Dream Foursome 2:  

  1. Jason Kidd
  2. JR Smith
  3. John Starks

TINA CERVASIO:  My dream NY Knicks foursome are these guys!  They are all SICK golfers, single handicaps and OBSESSED with golf!  I would love to mic all of us up, have a camera crew follow and play 18 with fans watching!  I would interview the guys on the course and it would give the fans a chance to see the guys playing a different sport.  It would also give me a chance to show off my long drives and putting skills after practicing all summer! 🙂

SEEMA STYLE:  You always look so great and fit, what are some things you do on the road fitness and health wise to stay fit?

TINA CERVASIO:  I actually do a better job of working out on the road, then when I’m at home! Here’s a 3 things that keep me healthy & energized:

1.  Work out FIRST THING! If I don’t get my workout in before morning shoot around at 10 AM, I probably won’t get it in. Running is also a good way for me to see the city when I’m on the road, since there’s never time for sightseeing.

2.  Pack Workout DVDs!  I always bring a few workout DVDs with me in case the hotel gym is crowded or doesn’t offer what I’m looking for.  Insanity and P90X are the most fun!

3. Carry healthy snacks & VITAMINS!  My mom always said to take your vitamins!  I carry nuts, fruit or gluten-free protein bars because media room food is horrendous:(

SEEMA STYLE:  Tina, I wish you all the best for the 2013 NBA Finals and for your summer golf goals.  The sport needs more women like you:)

TINA CERVASIO:  I’m so honored to be your #guestie!  Looking forward to playing golf with you this summer!  Go Knicks and Go Seema!

Make sure and visit Tina’s personal website at and follow her on Twitter @tinacervasio

Have a great day! Xo, Seema

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