Watch Dan Majerle Play and Talk Seema Style! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Dan_Majerle_CoverHappy NBA Week!

My special #Guestie kicking off the week is my friend Dan Majerle! AKA THUNDER DAN!

Dan has played in the NBA for 14 years, a Phoenix Sun for most of his career!  He won a bronze medal in the 1988 US National Team Summer Olympics and won a gold medal at the 1994 FIBA World Championship! #AMAZING

Dan and I love to compete and have #totally serious matches against each other on the course! He is an amazing athlete and a great golfer!

SEEMA STYLE: What’s the best part of your golf game?

DAN MAJERLE: I would have to say my Driving. I hit it pretty far and accurate. I hardly miss fairways and enjoy being aggressive off the tee. I hit a PING Driver and I probably average about  295 yards!

SEEMA STYLE:  How much work and dedication goes into being a successful athlete?

DAN MAJERLE:  Having good nutrition and being aware of what you are eating is very important.  Giving your body down time after big games, tough workouts or practice is also important.  You have to make sacrifices, keep working at it and put in the work that it takes.  These are the things that will help a young athlete become successful.

SEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream 4 some?

DAN MAJERLE:  You mean without Seema of course… Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino and if we could have a fifth I’d pick Bubba Watson!


SEEMA STYLE:  If they allow 6, I’m in! 🙂  OK, so let’s talk equipment!  You hit it really far so I am sure everyone wants to know what clubs you use and how do you find clubs that fit you?

DAN MAJERLE: The PING factory is in Phoenix, they take really good care of me! I go there to get my fitting done and if there is new PING equipment I try it out and they make sure its perfect for me. I am 6’6 so my clubs aren’t standard, they’re about an inch above standard.

Seema_Style_Dan_Majerle_Golf_Look_2SEEMA STYLE:  Fashion Time!  What is your favorite brand and colors to wear on the Golf Course?

DAN MAJERLE: I’ve been with Nike my entire career! I like the way their clothes fit, plus they make clothes for us tall guys.  The best colors for me on the golf course are green and blue.

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite golf accessory you wear or carry on the golf course?

DAN MAJERLE: I’d say my “Seema Sparkle” Teddy Bear Ball Marker and my Gorilla head cover I’ve had since 1995. I got the head cover because it’s the Phoenix Suns mascot.  I’m actually surprised I still have it. I’d lost it on the golf course and everytime someone returns to me, but I won’t lose my Teddy Bear 🙂

SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about Majerle’s Sports Grills in Arizona?  

DAN MAJERLE: I currently have four Majerle’s Sports Grill’s in Arizona. Downtown Pheonix, Chandler Fashion Center, Chandler AZ,  GoodYear, AZ, and “Old Town” Scottsdale. I started my first Majerle’s Sports Grill in December of 1992. I definitely have a passion for making sure my guests enjoy the environment and the energy it brings them. They are high-end sports bars with great food and service  We have plenty of TV’s scattered throughout the restaurants so you can’t miss a moment!

SEEMA STYLE: You were assistant coaching for the Suns for awhile since you have retired, What are you doing now?

DAN MAJERLE: I am currently the head coach at Grand Canyon University!  I am very excited about it!

*Majerle was recently hired as the 13th coach in Grand Canyon University history as the school makes its transition to Division I and the Western Athletic Conference for the 2013-14 season.

SEEMA STYLE:   If you could give one piece of advice to a young athlete trying to fulfill his or her dream what would it be?

DAN MAJERELE:  Enjoy it and have fun! Don’t be do hard on yourself. Growing up I played a lot of sports. Don’t limit yourself to one sport play other sports. It’s good to be well rounded. All in all have fun with what you set your mind to!

Watch for Dan and cheer for the Grand Canyon University Men’s Basketball Program! Click the link to check out Majerle’s Sports Grill!!! 

If you have any questions or thoughts for Dan, let us know @seemastyle

I love NBA Week Mondays! 🙂 Xo, Seema

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