Frilly & Fab Friday! #GetTheLook


Hi Lovelies!  Get this AMAZING golf look for golf.  Click on the links beside each number to take you to the shopping sites!  Let’s go!!!

1.  Seema Sparkle by BONJOC 

Every Girl needs a sparkle ball marker for their hat or visor.  This ball marker’s name is “Call me Maybe” and is cute with any outfit.  I love to use ball markers that are different from the rest of my outfits so that they stand out and sparkle! 🙂

2.  White V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee

Basic black and white tees are amazing for golf, it is so much better than spending 70$ on an awkward golf shirt that you can wear more than once or twice!  BOBI makes the cutest lightweight jersey v-necks, they form to your body nicely and they’re easy to swing in. is a great website to sift through your favorite designers and track your fave fashion items!

3.  Frilly Peach Lace Skirt

Since the skirt is the focal point, you can wear this style in any color.  I have had this peach frilly mini-skirt for over 7 years, and as I have gotten older, it has gotten shorter???!  The best way to find cute frilly mini’s that are not made for kids are on Ebay or Etsy.  That way you can find a style that suits you.  Skirt length doesn’t matter to me if I am wearing fun leggings underneath~ Have fun finding the cutest mini!

4.  Gray & White Wash Spandex LeggingsSeema_Style_Get_The_Look_Ruffle_Skirt

I am wearing New York City print leggings with the frilly skirt.  I found those at a boutique, but there are so many awesome spandex leggings with cool patterns.  RaveReady is a great site to check out cool patterns for under 20$.  Leggings shape your legs when you are playing golf, and they protect your skin from the sun!

#Getthelook, and make it your own!  Have fun implementing your personality in your golf outfits.  After all the game of golf is about YOU!

Xo, Seema

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