4-Step Pitching Tip!

Seema_Style_Brown_LeopardHi Leopard Lovers:)

Here are 4 steps to help you get better technique, balance, accuracy and results with your pitching!  It’s important to know your wedges when hitting your pitch shots. I carry a 58 and 52 degree along with my pitching wedge which is 48 degrees.  One consistent swing applied to each wedge gives me accurate yardage results!

1. SET-UP – This is key to direction and results.  You must be comfortable at set up, try and be relaxed and keep your hands and body loose. You want to set up with a slightly open stance, making sure that your ball position is slightly forward from the middle.  I refer to the ball position as 6 0’Clock.  Think about your arms and shoulders making a “Y” shape.  Keep your weight slightly forward.

2. TAKE AWAY – Using the left arm, move the club back from the target and keep your wrist strong.  Take the club half-way back, I refer to that as 3 O’clock.  If you can think about taking your club from 6 O’clock to 3 O’clock, that description defines the word “feel”.  Use your shoulders to make this motion, keeping your hands soft and left arm and shoulder strong.

3. IMPACT – I like to maintain the same “Y” at set up while coming through the pitch shot, this forces me to keep my left shoulder strong and the angles in my wrist.  The back of the left hand comes through the ball with the weight of the club head guiding your swing.  Maintain strong wrists and try to hold your angles through the shot.

4. FINISH – Finish high and hold your finish position until the ball comes to a complete stop.  I tell my students to have good momentum throughout the swing and the finish will come naturally.  Finish position for this shot can be 9 O’clock or 11 O’clock depending on the height or distance.  This is also feel and will require practice.  Pick a song with a good rhythm and use it as a tool to help create momentum.

Find your distances and comfort zone with your wedges by practicing pitching.  Pitching is a great way to develop rhythm and momentum that can carry over to your full swing!

I am wearing a simple brown turtle-neck top with capri sleeves and a leopard skirt with gold zippers.  My brown Titleist hat and white and brown two-tone FootJoy shoes are flashy and fun!

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!  Let me know if these tips help you by writing me a message on twitter @seemastyle!

XO, Seema

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