Stretch in Style!

Seema_Style_Stretch_and _StyleToday I wanted to talk about the importance of stretching, not only in the gym, but on the range!

I typically have 5 quick and easy stretches that get me warmed up and ready to play!  Grab your 7-iron as a stretch tool and let’s go…

1.  LEGS

Use a club to keep your balance and hold each foot, pulling back and feeling the stretch in your quads (thighs).  Keep your body straight and maintain your balance while in this position with either leg!  Use your 7-iron for balance!


One arm at a time, put your arm straight in front of your body. Pull forward and back on your wrist and roll your wrists in circles.  Don’t hurt yourself, just be gentle and feel the stretch.  Go slow and with one hand, move the other hand front and back until you feel comfortable to grip and hinge the club. Get your wrists warmed up, your wedges will thank you:)

3.  HIPS

Your hips do a lot of the work in your golf swing, getting them warmed up will help you hit the ball further and even more solid.  Put both hands on either end of the golf club, again, I like to use a 7-iron.  Keeping your lower body firm and planted to the ground, widen your stance and stretch from side to side.  Move slowly, and feel the hips stretch while you move gently from side to side.  Do this about 10x on each side.


This stretch is very important.  With both hands on either end of the club, slowly lean forward and straight down to your toes.  Using your shoulders and the muscles in the back of your legs, feel the stretch in your lower back.  If need be, put your club underneath your toes and pull back so that there is even more of a stretch felt.  Do this 5x and feel the stretch.


This is a stretch that will get your whole body warmed up, bust most importantly, it will help you get your shoulders ready to swing the club.  Get your club and grip either end, lunge forward with one leg and twist your upper body towards the leg that is extended in the lunge position.  Repeat on the other side with the opposite leg.  5x on each side will work just fine, it will also get your heart rate up and get your energy going!

I want you to be safe and enjoy your time on the range and the course!  Stretch with me before, and it will make your time on the course safe.  The golf swing is an athletic movement, and it requires care.

Tweet me @seemastyle with any additional stretches that you like and we can share it with our friends!


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