High Waisted Plaid Shorts

Seema_Style_High_waisted_pleated_shortsHappy Monday Everyone!

Today I am wearing my favorite high-waisted pleated shorts to the course while I work on my wedge game!  I matched them with my FootJoy red patent shoes, they are so shiny!  I love the way the sun hits them:)

I’m wearing an untraditional golf shirt.  It has angel wings on it with a hoodie, I’ve had this shirt for a long time, and made of thin material, which is great for being in the sun and still protecting my skin!  I’ve had that shirt in my closet forever~

My Titleist visor is white wtih red Titeist to match my shorts and shoes.  I put on some red lipstick to pull everything together!  So fun and so fab, that is how I love to practice my wedges!

Off to a great week everyone, hope you are too!


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