UNLV Guestie Brett Kanda: Fitness, Fashion & Tour Life! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Brett_Kanda_CollageSeema Style: What was your best experience at UNLV and what do you miss the most?

Brett Kanda;  Traveling and playing different golf courses, being on the best golf team in the country has its perks and our team was invited to all the best events.  I definitely miss the team the most. I still have some of the best friendships with my former teammates.

Seema Style:  You are always so handsome on the course, what do you wear and how do you stay so fit?

Brett Kanda: Thanks Seema!  I’ve always worn Oakley and I really like their style.  Over the years their apparel and equipment has gotten better.  I am glad to be part of the Oakley team.  I am always on the go, I eat healthy and I workout everyday.  During my time as a Rebel, Coach Knight pushed me and my team to make health and fitness a priority, and it has transitioned into my professional career.  I still work with our trainer Keith Klevens, and we focus on core, stability and maintaining a strong long and lean body. I also use Pilates to stay fit and increase my flexibility.  Working out and spending time in the gym getting stronger is part of getting better at golf.

Seema Style: Now that The Canadian Tour has changed to PGA Tour Canada, what are you looking forward to?

Brett Kanda:  I am looking forward to having a good year and seeing the positive changes that the PGA TOUR has made.  I would like to finish Top-10 on the PGA TOUR Canada money list.  Being Top-10, you earn status on the Tour, which is the Tour you play to earn status on the PGA TOUR.  It is going to be a great year, I have been working hard on all aspects of my game.

I want to wish my friend Brett the best of luck on the PGA TOUR Canada this year.  He was a great teammate at UNLV, and it is awesome to see him pursue his dream.


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