Guestie: Masters Week with Kevin Marsh! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Kevin Marsh_MastersHappy Masters Week Everyone!

My guestie today is Kevin Marsh, he won the 2005 Mid-Amateur Champion, and with that win, earned and exemption to play in the 2006 Masters.  We played a few holes and talked about his experience and how he is getting excited…

Seema Style:  How was playing in the Masters with Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara?

Kevin Marsh:  It was so much fun and obviously an honor to play with Tiger and Mark at Augusta, they are great players.  I would like to play in the Masters again, hopefully that will happen again soon.

Seema Style:  What was the coolest thing about your round?

Kevin Marsh:  Traditionally, on Augusta’s 170 yard Par-3 16th hole during practice rounds, players will try and skip the ball across the pond. Fans were chanting for us to “skip the ball” across the pond in front of the tee-box.  It was a special moment for me at Augusta.  (see top of picture collage)

Seema Style:  Who are you routing for to win The Masters this year?

Kevin Marsh:  I have to route for Tiger, he is great to watch when he is playing well and in contention.  Other than that, I would like to see Ricki Fowler win it, he is a good friend and it would be nice to see him come through this year.

Kevin is certainly one of my favorite people to play golf with.  He has a great swing and more importantly, a great attitude about the game.  I am lucky to have him as part of my support team.


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