Namaste! Indian Inspiration~


Namaste is a spoken spiritual greeting in my Indian culture.  It is recognizing the divine spirit in someone in exchange for recognizing the divine spirit in you.  It is the most respectful way to say “hello” ~

You can see that I am wearing a “bindi”, a decorative Indian sticker accessory you place on the center of your forehead!  Isn’t it cute?  It doesn’t bother me on the course, I don’t even know it’s there.  I have them in many colors and designs, it totally accents my outfit!

With the love I have for my Indian culture, I am wearing a cute skirt made from Indian fabric.  It has Indian designs in different colors and the yellow just makes it pop.  My mom picks fabrics from India and makes me the cutest skirts, ones that I can feel special in!  I paired the skirt with a dark blue Shadow Creek athletic jacket from Polo!

Today is a great day to make birdies with Indian flare~


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