Frilly Fab!

Seema_Style_Frills_and_SquaresI completely love frilly anything… purses, dresses, belts, scarves, sleeves and skirts.  It is tough to be able to bring frills on-course, but I found a way to make it happen!

Check out my basic frilly black skirt!  It is super cute!  I paired it with a basic square mosaic shirt that is wild, colorful and fun. I almost feel like I can dance the salsa in this outfit because the frills move when I swing!

Give frills a try when you are playing golf!  The beauty of golf is that it isn’t a super-strenuous sport where you need complete athletic gear.  You can still be fashionable and define your own style.  For me frills are fun and energetic, frills help define my personality!  Give frills a try and see if you can swing in style!


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