Carling Conquers: Q & A Health & Fab Tips! #Guestie

seema_style_carling_conquersHi, my name is Carling Nolan and like my girl Seema, I enjoy dollying up on the golf course!

SEEMA STYLE:  What are you favorite golf styles and fashions on the course?

CARLING:  My fashion on the golf course is very feminine. Just because I hit the ball 260 yards doesn’t mean I can’t look dainty!? I steer away from shorts or pants. At Forever21, I find some cute stuff, I basically look for golf outfits in regular stores.  I’m secretly in love with the ruffles look, it is great when I roll in some birdies! I love dresses, sometimes I just take a regular dress and add a belt to define my waist to the course?!  Under Armor long sleeve beneath my regular shirts protect my skin and are sporty enough for the course!

I like to shop at all stores at the mall and find ways to incorporate various styles into my golf wardrobe.  It is hard, but I just remember to have fun!  

SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about your Diabetes?  When did it start?   How do you manage it on the course?

CARLING: I’ve had diabetes since I was five years old. I wear an insulin pump 24 hours a day, it sort of looks like a beeper. To keep my diabetes in check on the golf course, I check my blood sugar every couple of holes. Whenever my blood sugar is too low I have to eat a snack, and if it’s too high I have to give myself insulin with my pump. I can’t play as well if my blood sugar is bad, so it’s important to recognize my “signs”. For instance, if I’m getting very tired and emotional, then it’s definitely too low. I’ll sometimes tear up because I broke a tee, no joke! If I start getting tough with my caddy, then it’s definitely too high. I love accessorizing my pump with fun colors to match my out outfit, and remembering that I’m lucky to be on the course doing what I love… GOLF!

SEEMA STYLE:  How do you maintain your energy on the course? Give me your 3 tips to stay healthy on the course!

CARLING:  Diabetic or not, keeping your energy on the course is very important for everyone! I try to to do a follow a few simple rules every round so I can stay sharp and focused!


People forget about this the most when they are caught up in their round. Keep a bottle of water in your bag.  I keep Crystal Light packets with me so I can flavor my water up and it makes my water bottles much cuter!


Stay away from simple carbohydrates like white bread or chips. You want a mix of healthy fats, whole grains, and protein. Some of my favorites are almonds, turkey jerky, or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.


This might seem backwards but I always have more energy on the course if I hit the gym in the morning before my round. Sleeping in makes me feel groggy, my muscles take a long time to get going. I do a cardio machine at the gym for 20-30 minutes, a few AB exercises, and stretching. My body will feel refreshed and ready to take on 18 holes!

Remember to always wear something cute to the gym. The better you feel about yourself, the harder you will want to work out!

XO, Carling~

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