Sara Brown: Loudmouth & Long Drives! #Guestie

photo(1)Hi my name is Sara “No-H” Brown and like my friend Seema, I love dressing up on the course!

Feeling confident in an outfit and playing the best golf you can is a great feeling. I wear LOUDMOUTH golf skorts, shorts, capris and pants. The patterns are wild, fun and crazy! With so many colors and patterns I always find a top to match.  Loudmouth apparel matches my bubbly personali-tee too! 🙂

Looking good can only take you so far, you have to put in the work to be the best golfer you can be.  For being only 5’ 3 ½” inches tall, my average drive is about 260 yards,  I “GRIP IT AND RIP IT” 🙂

Swinging hard can hurt your distance off the tee, I am going to share with you a few secrets to get you long off the tee like me!

1. Focus on hitting the ball on an upswing

The upswing is when you reach the lowest point in your Seema_Style_Sara_Brown_Drivingswing arc before you reach the golf ball… by the time the club head strikes the ball it is on an upward motion.  This will create high launch and low spin equaling MORE DISTANCE!

DRILL:  Bump your left hip as much as you can towards the target (if right handed) which will naturally tilt your shoulders backwards, the right being lower than the left, then swing.

2. Get fitted for your driver! 

You’d never walk into a shoe store and buy a pair of shoes just because they’re on sale… would you? I was fitted at the TaylorMade Kingdom and hit the TaylorMade R1. It’s an 8 degree driver with a 55 gram stiff Fujikura Blur shaft and I RIP IT!!!

3. What’s your Tee Height?

Try to tee the golf ball higher rather than lower which will force you to hit it on the upswing. If you don’t hit the ball on the upswing correctly you will be hitting down and thus skying the ball… So don’t forget to “TEE IT HIGH and LET IT FLY” ~

Good Luck out on the links and remember it’s really fun to BOMB IT!

Tweet me @sarabrowngolf and Seema @seemastyle to let us know how long you hit the ball!

XOXO, Sara “No-H” Brown


  1. C. Fenton Rutledge

    You made me go check the specifics of my driver to see if it had a weight number like you had with “55 gram”. Mine is a TaylorMade R-7, with 8.5 degree loft, and has a stiff “Matrix Ozik Xcon-5.5 MOI” shaft with “x-axis control” written under the other words. Do not know what the “5.5” refers to. Really had it working well this Saturday; am feeling very comfortable with it.

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