Flashback Friday: Inaugural Soul Train Music Awards Golf Tournament

Seema_Style_Soul_TrainPlaying in a charity golf tournament is so much fun!  One of my favorite charity golf events was the Soul Train Inaugural Golf Tournament hosted by Bill Bellamy at the Paiute Golf Club, just outside Las Vegas.

Last November, I was paired with The CEO of Soul Train, Kenard Gibbs, Kenard’s fabulous brother, Byron Gibbs and Producer Tony Cornelius, whose father was the creator of Soul Train.  It was a really great group and great experience!

I made new friends and was able to meet a lot of celebrities in the music industry.  Jody Watley was the most exciting celebrity to meet at the Soul Train Event, I love all her songs and still listen to them in the gym or at practice!  I also had the chance to meet Bel Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Tyrese, Genuwine and Tank to name a few!  I made a new friend Chauncey Bell, who is a music manager to the stars!  He made me laugh and eat cheesecake!

I am wearing black stretch pants, a basic black long-sleeve collared shirt and a long sleeve sweater over top.  I was very comfortable that say, it was cold so I had to make sure I was warm and comfy!  Mission accomplished:)

I love music and I love golf, and to bring them together was a great experience.  I can’t wait for this years’ event, more music, more golf, more fun, more celebrities and more cheesecake!!!

XO, Seema

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