Seema_Style_Zebra_GolfIt is safe to say that I am a huge fan of zebra designs and apparel. Black and White are 2 of my favorite colors and the Zebra print gives me both!

I know that these patterns are not for everyone, but I think every women should have that one animal print outfit in their closet ton makes them feel vibrant and fun!

I enjoy taking my Zebra print on course, it allows me to keep my top and bottom neutral.  That way the Zebra print can stand out on the course!

You can make transitioning everyday fashion on to the golf course cute and trendy! I spend hours on end on the golf course practicing, playing, lunches and dinners so, I want be stylish when I am going to work!

Shoes can make or break an outfit, my friends at Foot Joy sent me these fabulous Zebra print shoes, which makes my tights pop a little more.  You can wear a simple pair of black or white shoes with Zebra print, both go very well.

Try wearing black and white with a little bit of Zebra print and tweet me some pictures @seemasadekar or @seemastyle

Have a beautiful day!  XO, SEEMA


  1. YB

    Animal prints are hot, but argyle is even hotter. I’m also more of a leopard print than a zebra print kind of guy. But that’s just means you look good in anything.

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