Make More Short Putts with my 5-Step Drill!

Seema_Style_Make_More_PuttsI want to help you make more short putts!  Here is an easy way to become more consistent and confident over your 3-5 foot putts:

1.  Find a flat surface on the green!  Take the longest iron in your bag and measure it from the hole outward. Place a tee at the end of the club.

2.  Put your iron back in your bag!  From where you put the tee down into the ground place your ball.  Use the words on the edge of your golf ball and line it up to the hole.

3. Place your putter line to match the line of the ball.

4. Make sure the line of your putter and the line of your ball match towards the hole.  Try and visualize an imaginary line that the ball will roll on towards the hole!

5. Stroke the ball towards to hole in a 1, 2 motion.

If you do this exercise 25 times, you will be comfortable when you have short putts on the course.  Try it and let me know how it goes!  Most importantly, have fun while working on this part of your game.

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