The Argyle Approach!

Seema_Style_ArgyleHow ar-gyle you? 🙂

It is a beautiful day outside, and I’m keeping things traditional with a twist of fun.  Argyle is the best way to get an old-school feel combined with a new age flare.

Argyle to me is Arnold Palmer meets Payne Stewart, 2 golfers that loved to wear Argyle in their professional days.  In the golf fashion world, Argyle is a classic golf pattern that never goes out of style.

I’m wearing an argyle silk sweater over a simple black collared shirt.  In my other mini-photo, I am wearing an argyle long sleeve top, with a black tennis skirt and thigh-high argyle socks to compliment my top.  As you can see, argyle can be styled up in many ways.  Even if you are wearing a plain outfit, an argyle piece adds traditional fun to your ensemble.

Take the #ArgyleApproach the next time you play and tweet me a picture @seemastyle 🙂


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