Hula Hoops for Short Game!

Hula_Hoops_Seema_StyleWe’ve all been told “practice makes perfect”, but sometimes we focus on what we’re already close to perfect at, and forget to perfect our weaknesses.

The strongest part of my golf game is driving the ball off the tee with my Driver. With my Driver, I am confident that I can do it!  The weakest part of my golf game are “pitch” shots that range from 20-60 yards in distance, I am working on getting more consistent when inside those distances.  Practicing this part of my game can be referred to as “pitching practice”.

To make my Pitching Practice more exciting, I purchased Sparkly Hula Hoops from Toys R US and use them “pitch” targets.  I pace out 20 yards and drop a hula hoops, then every 10 yards I drop another until I have hula hoops at 20, 30, hula_hoops_glitter__37508_thumb40, 50 and 60 yards.  While I practice on the range, I use my 58 degree wedge to try and hit my golf ball inside each distanced hula hoop!  This keeps my “pitching practice” enjoyable and productive.

You’ll be surprised when you work on these short shots how immediately your tempo improves.  When you take your pitching on the course, you’ll see more consistency. Make sure you practice your weaknesses while maintaining and building your strengths.

Enjoy your practice sessions and make them worthwhile!


  1. Blaise McComb

    This is a really great drilll, and something I need to do more often. I swear the sparkly hula hoops help out as well. They work better than regular hoops !

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