Seema’s Tip: A Square Club Face

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to talk to you today about the importance of your club face position when you address the golf ball.  Your club face position is an important fundamental of the golf swing.  As you can see, working on fundamentals of the golf swing is important to me too!

Making sure that your club face is “square” instead of “open” or “closed” is a small checkpoint to have before you begin your golf swing, because it will determine how you hit the golf ball at impact.  A good drill to keeping a consistently “square” club face is placing an alignment stick at your target, in front of your stance.  Seema_Clubface_Blog

There are 3 checkpoints to note when you are working with an alignment stick:

  1. Club Face
  2. Feet Position
  3. Shoulders

Your club face, feet and shoulders then are parallel to your target…

Alignment sticks come in many different colors, I love the pink ones!  Find your favorite alignment sticks at a golf or sporting goods store.

Golf is about being consistent and trusting your swing, and this tip will do just that.  Make sure you have fun with this drill and enjoy a beautiful day outside!


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