seemastyle1. Know what weather to expect!
Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do. Every morning I pour myself a cup of coffee and head to the favorite part of my house, the closet.
A golf outfit comes with inspiration of the day, you must take into account the weather and time of day because golf is outdoors. The “weather” app is on the front page of my iPhone, and I usually check it before bed and once again in the morning so that I know what to expect from the day.

2. Plan 2 or 3 outfits before your hair and make-up is done!
I typically spend about 5-10 minutes putting 2-3 various ideas together in the AM. I have my morning routine down to an art, and I look forward to it because it helps me prepare and get excited. After my outfit is planned, I start with make-up then hair, my outfit is the last of the three. After your hair and make-up is done, you may feel that one outfit would be better than another. The worst thing you can do is get lipstick on your collar changing shirts before you’ve stepped onto the range.

3. Carry a Cover!
Should you decide after 9 you are going to hang out with the ladies, meet friends for happy-hour or pick the kids up from school it is nice to have something to put over your top. It gives you the feeling of easy transition from course to other. Zip up jackets, a v-neck button up sweater or even a blazer can make for a great transition piece. For a cover, anything goes, that is the beauty of it.

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