blogseemablazerHi Ladies,

How was your day out on the course? Did you make lots of birdies? Are you ready for the 19th hole? Or are you just ready to have a cocktail with a good friend in the clubhouse?

The first thing I do after finishing up on the 18th hole is freshen up in the lady’s room, and by freshening up, I mean reapply some perfume, mascara and lip-gloss.

Being out-doors all day in the same outfit, I like to add a little something new to my ensemble. Let’s be honest, we don’t have much time to clean-up and change attire, at this point we are hungry, we need a cocktail, and want to laugh and chat about our birdies and pars with our playing partners.

I usually like to carry a cute Blazer to throw on over my outfit after the round. Blazers are great; they are sophisticated and fabulous. I’m not talking about a regular business attire blazer, you can find colorful blazers that have designs, patterns and sparkles to doll up any outfit for any occasion. A cute Blazer makes you feel like you aren’t still in “sports” attire, you have added something chic and trendy to your look to keep moving throughout the afternoon or into the evening.

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